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Why You Should Never Skip Your Annual Women’s Exam

If you’re like most women in Surprise, AZ, you’re probably busy with work, school and family life. It can be easy to put off your annual well-woman’s exam especially if you’re feeling fine. Our medical professionals want you to know the importance of seeing your OBGYN each year to ensure a long, healthy life for you.

Why You Need Preventative Screenings

Getting a yearly exam by your OBGYN is important to maintain good health and to catch any abnormalities. It’s much better to catch diseases in the early stages for your best recovery, and that’s why your gynecologist will assess your pelvic area, breasts and vital signs. The doctor will order blood screenings, update your immunizations and order a mammogram to keep you on the road to total health.

Update Your Medical History

The importance of keeping your medical records current can’t be stressed enough. During your visit, your OBGYN will discuss any medications you’ve been taking to see if they’re effective. Your medical provider can educate you about any genetic disease that runs in your family, and how to prevent you from getting ill. The well-woman exam is your time to discuss weight loss, smoking cessation or family planning.

Your Mental Health Is Important

When you go in for your well-woman checkup, you’ll be asked about your mental health. Some women may not realize they’re depressed, and it’s important to get help if you are. If you’re experiencing stress or feeling sad, then we can assist you in getting the help you need. We will recommend the right kind of care for you whether it’s to be referred to a mental health professional, see a massage therapist for stress relief or to make a lifestyle change.

If it’s been a while since your last well-woman exam, or you’re looking for a new OBGYN in the Surprise, AZ area, then we’d be glad to talk to you. Contact us to schedule your annual women’s exam today.

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