What Are The Signs That You Might Be Pregnant?

Carrying a baby in your womb is an incredible experience that is accompanied by many changes in your mood and appearance. The only way to know for certain if you are expecting is to take a pregnancy test. However, there are early signs that will let you know that you may be pregnant. Here are a few.

Missed period

Most women recognize a missed period as a sign of pregnancy because it is a tremendously famous symptom. In many movies or television shows, the characters wonder about pregnancy if their period hasn’t arrived. The reason you get a period each month is if your egg was not fertilized, so the body keeping the egg possible indicates a bun in the oven.

Increased Urination

The hCG hormone goes up significantly after an egg has attached to the uterus. It causes a spike in the blood flow to the kidneys. This helps them to quickly get rid of your waste and well as your baby’s. Thankfully, there will be some relief within the second trimester as the uterus rises closer to the abdomen.

Darker areolas

Your breasts will undergo a lot of changes if you are pregnant. One of the first indicators could be within your areolas which refers to the skin encircling your nipples. A couple of weeks after conception, these can darken and expand. Also, you may notice small bumps appearing along the border of your areolas. These are called Montgomery tubercles and they function as a way to lubricate the nipples and keep germs away as you nurse.


One of the more difficult marks of pregnancy is the absence of energy. This would not be like a normal bout of tiredness. Instead, it is excessive and will make it hard for you to keep your eyes open. This sets in as your body releases pregnancy hormones and puts in extra work to take care of your baby.

These symptoms are helpful indicators of pregnancy but can also point to other changes in your body. To know more about the possibility of being pregnant, meet with an obstetrician in Surprise, AZ today.

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