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A Woman’s Annual Wellness Exam

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While a woman’s wellness check is important, it is very easy to push this appointment aside. After all, who thinks about going to the doctor when they’re feeling well. A lot of times, women don’t think twice about going to the doctor unless something goes wrong with their bodies. However, a woman’s annual wellness check is one of the best decisions a woman could ever make for her body. Once a woman starts to have wellness checks at the age of 21, there are a few things she should expect to happen during this visit.

During your wellness check exam, the first thing your doctor may do is review your health history with you and perform a physical exam. This physical exam may include taking your blood pressure, reviewing your immunizations, recording your height and weight, performing a breast exam and pap smear, and going over any referrals you may need for additional screenings. Once you hit the age of 40, your doctor may go over referrals for having a mammogram done. As you get older, your visits may differ a little bit due to your needs changing, but the idea is still pretty much the same.

Most people wonder why something like this is important if nothing is wrong, but the truth is that it is a lot easier for doctors to prevent an illness than treat it. Your wellness women’s exam allows your doctor to prevent illness or catch illness in its early stages, making the outcome more favorable. You will undergo several little tests from a physical exam to cervical cancer screening. During these visits, it’s very important that you get comfortable with your doctor, because you will be discussing very private information in order for you both to work together in keeping your health in check.

Rest assured, the more visits you have, the more relaxed you will be with your doctor. It will be a lot easier for you to open up about different symptoms and fears you may be having, whether you are a young adult learning about the reproductive system and having a family, or you’re an older adult preparing yourself for menopause. A women’s wellness exam allows you to take control of your health, so why not start now?

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