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4 Tips for Reducing Risks of Urinary Tract Infections

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A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an unpleasant medical condition that is characterized by frequent and painful urination. UTIs are a common medical complaint. Both women and men can develop UTIs. However, women experience UTIs much more often than men. While UTIs are common, there are some things that can be done to reduce the risk of developing a UTI.

Drink More Water

The simplest way a person can reduce the chances of developing a urinary tract infection is to drink more water. By staying hydrated, the body will be able to produce the needed amount of urine to keep the urinary system flushed out and free of excess bacteria.

Make Frequent Restroom Trips

Holding urine allows the bacteria that causes UTI the time needed to grow and overrun the body’s natural defenses. By going to the restroom on a regular schedule, a person will keep her bladder flushed out and reduce the chances of a UTI developing. Though there are times when a person has to wait to use the restroom, holding urine is never a good idea.

Vitamin C

Drinking cranberry juice has long been a home remedy for UTIs. The scientific research on cranberry juice’s effectiveness is mixed. However, it is believed that the high levels of Vitamin C in cranberry juice can help to alleviate UTIs. Vitamin C is acidic and consuming it can increase the acidity in a person’s urine which may work to kill an infection. In addition to cranberry juice, a person can also drink orange or other citrus juices or simply eat the fruit to boost Vitamin C levels.


Probiotics are a type of bacteria that is believed to promote body health in a variety of ways. From reducing depression to lowering cholesterol, there are numerous studies looking into the impact of probiotics. In terms of urinary tract infections, the consumption of probiotics may boost the amount of good bacteria in the body which will crowd out the bacteria that can lead to a UTI.

While a person can do some to prevent UTIs at home, medical treatment can be needed to cure a UTI and lessen the likelihood of future infections. Those living in the Phoenix, Surprise and surrounding areas of Arizona can contact Premiere Care for Women for professional treatment of UTIs and related issues.

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