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The Correlation Between A Mother’s Diet And Baby’s Health

Healthcare professionals stress that the foods a mother consumes during pregnancy can have a significant impact upon her baby’s health well after said child is born. Premiere Care For Women, an Obstetrician Gynecologist practice serving the residents of Surprise, Arizona, invites concerned parties to read the following short work detailing the importance of a healthy diet during pregnancy.

Potential Hazards Of A Poor Diet

Expecting subjects who consume diets high in potentially detrimental substances like salts, sugar, unhealthy fats and cholesterol could precipitate alterations to their unborn children’s genetic makeup that could lead to various health problems during their early, developmental years. Moreover, research has concluded that poor diets in pregnant individuals might increase the newborn’s chances of developing major health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes later in life.

Foods Expecting Women Should Consume

With these alarming facts at hand, pregnant subjects are strongly urged to consume a balanced diet. Healthcare professionals and nutritionists suggest that said individuals consume meals consisting of:


These products contain a discernible amount of many nutrients. However, said products are rife with a chemical known as choline. This substance is considered vital to reducing a child’s chances of developing various birth defects.

Leafy Green Vegetables

These products are rife with vital nutrients. Additionally, said plants contain antioxidants, which are critical to keeping the immune system strong. Illnesses contracted during pregnancy, even typically common and manageable conditions, could have far more serious consequences for the expecting subject and her developing child.

Lean Meats

Animal products like lean beef, chicken and pork contain high concentrations of choline and iron. Iron is vital to expecting women because said mineral plays a crucial role in nourishing the body’s cells with oxygen. As pregnancy progresses, women require more oxygen.


As pregnancy progresses, the expecting subject’s blood volume increases significantly. Increased blood volume necessitates the need for increased water intake. Women who do not consume enough water run the risk of becoming dehydrated, which could have a profoundly adverse impact upon both mother and baby.

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