The over-the-counter medications on this list are safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding when used as directed. In general it is best to avoid any medication while pregnant, especially in the first 12 weeks. However, if necessary, the medications below may be used. If you have symptoms requiring the use of these medicines for more than 3 days, please call us.

Anemia is common during and after pregnancy. You may be asked to take an iron supplement. Remember that iron can be constipating. When taking iron you should increase your intake of fiber and fluids. Any of these supplements may be used.
Ferrous sulfate Slow-Fe Ferro sequels
Feosol Ferrofolic 500

Colds/Sinus Congestion/Hay fever
The following medications may help relieve the symptoms of cold or allergy. If you have a fever over 101F, please call. Do not use any cold preparations that contain alcohol. The following medicines are safe to use.

Alavert Tavist-D Claritin

A cool mist humidifier may be helpful. Call if you have a fever over 101F with your cough. Do not use any cough medicine that contains alcohol. The following medicines are safe to use.
Benadryl Cough Robitussin DM Any cough drops

Increase your intake of fiber and fluids. Exercise daily and use any of the following as needed.
Colace Senakot Milk of Magnesia
Metamucil Surfak Citracel

Increase your fluid intake. Try the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast). If diarrhea persists for more that 24 to 36 hours, pleas call us. You may use the following as directed.
Kaopectate Immodium AD

Dress lightly, increase fluid intake, and take tepid baths. If you have a fever over 101F, please call us. Use as directed.
Tylenol Extra Strength Tylenol

Try resting your eyes, dimming the lights, and using a cool compress on your neck and forehead. Call us if your headache is severe, affects your vision, or is not relieved by Tylenol. The following medicines may be used.
Tylenol Extra Strength Tylenol Tylenol PM (occasionally)

Avoid spicy or fatty foods. Stay upright after eating. Eat small, frequent meals. You may use the following as directed.
Gaviscon Rolaids Maalox
Tums Mylanta Pepcid AC

Eat small frequent meals. Keep something in your stomach. Avoid strong odors. Please call s if you are unable to keep anything down. You may use the following as directed.
Emetrol Ginger Tea Benadryl 25mg
Peppermint Tea Red Raspberry leaf- tea or capsule
Lemonade & potato chips Acupressure bracelet

Muscle Aches/Backache
Remember to use good posture and good body mechanics. A maternity support may be helpful. Use the following as directed
Tylenol Extra Strength Tylenol

Remember to take your prenatal vitamins!!!!

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