We have the latest equipment to make your visit a great experience. You’ll see your baby like never before!

“Incredible”,”Awesome”, “Indescribable.” These are some of the descriptions parents use after seeing their unborn baby in 3D. Although every sessions different, we work very hard to acquire the best images of your baby. We have the latest equipment and most qualified ultrasound technologists. Bring your friends and family to your appointment so everyone can see the baby.

It’s Easy… Schedule your appointment with our staff for 28-34 weeks gestational age. Come in on your appointment day and see your unborn child like never before.

It’s Safe… 3D ultrasound uses soundwaves which don’t harm your baby. The equipment we use is approved by the FDA for use in obstetrical imaging.

It’s Amazing… This experience is designed for your enjoyment and is unlike any other ultrasound you have ever had. You will bond with your baby and create an intimate relationship before your baby arrives into the world.

Our $150 Package Includes all of these Options:

  • 20 minute 3D/4D experience with your baby
  • 10 Black and White images of your baby
  • Gender determination
  • A full DVD recording of your exam with additional color images for you to print or email to friends and family
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