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The midwives Phoenix pregnant women require are available to help you at Premier Care for Women. The midwives working for us have the appropriate licensing to care for expectant women who want special guidance from women in a hospital environment. We have two certified nurse-midwife and women’s health care practitioners working for our facility, including:

  • Janelle Drogowski
  • Amanda Simon

Our Midwives Services at Premier Care for Women

Both of these professionals are able to assist women before, during and after pregnancy with issues that include:

  • Preconception care and counseling
  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Hormone replacement therapy after menopause
  • Treating gynecologic problems
  • Teaching about contraceptive methods
  • Well women screenings
  • Care for women beginning in their adolescence

Midwives Surprise AZ Use a Medical Center for Baby Deliveries

All of the midwives services at Premier Care for Women are supervised by Dr. Gary Newman who is board-certified as an osteopathic obstetrician and gynecologist. He is the physician that our nurse practitioners contact when there are complications during a woman’s pregnancy or delivery. Dr. Newman also provides an assortment of diagnostics, treatments and procedures for women. The women who visit this facility will go to Banner Del Webb Medical Center located in Sun City West, Ariz., to have their baby in a comfortable suite where spouses and families can gather to wait for the new arrival.

Additional Assistance is Nearby for Emergencies

Midwives have traditionally delivered babies for hundreds of years, but with our approach, we are near to a hospital if an emergency occurs that requires intervention with additional care from Dr. Newman or a surgical team. When a problem such as a breech birthing position or too much bleeding happens, we are able to transition women quickly to a different area of the hospital.

Request Our Knowledgeable Midwives Services Today

However, most women enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a birthing suite along with the professional attention from our midwives. In a suite environment, women feel more relaxed, and a spouse, parents or children are able to stay nearby to experience the miracle of birth. For a woman who wants to have a more natural birthing experience, having a baby with midwives Surprise AZ has certified is a perfect choice. Not only does a woman have an opportunity to have a baby in a soothing place surrounded by other women, but also, she is completely safe because modern medical equipment is nearby if a problem occurs.

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