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How Exercise Can Benefit Female Fertility Levels?

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There are many factors that could play into increasing a woman’s fertility rate. One such issue is exercise. Premiere Care for Women, a gynecological practice serving the patient needs of those residing in Surprise, Arizona and surrounding regions, invites women of childbearing ages to read this brief piece discussing how physical activity might increase their fertility levels.

Hormonal Regulation

Fertility struggles can sometimes be traced to systemic imbalances of sexual and reproductive hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Women who partake in at least some form of moderate exercise several times per week are less likely to experience these chemical disruptions.

Proper Weight Maintenance

A woman’s weight can play a significant role in her fertility capabilities. Research studies have shown that weighing too much or too little can have a deleterious impact upon the conception process. Underweight women stand at an increased risk of developing diminished bodily concentrations of hormones necessary to promote healthy ovulation. That said, women carrying excessive weight are believed to have a greater chance of experiencing irregular menstrual cycles and potentially more serious issues like miscarriages, pregnancy complications and delivering children with birth defects.

Subjects who obtain regular exercise are more likely to lose excess weight. Moreover, underweight individuals who partake in regular fitness regiments stand a better chance of strengthening their bones and building muscle that could precipitate natural and healthy weight gain.

Stress Reduction

Stress can exercise a significant influence over female fertility. Recent scientific studies have concluded that the chemical makeup of women who experience chronic or excessive stress levels often consists of an enzyme known to inhibit the conception process. Additionally, repeated incidents of stress can cause the body to release chemicals known as stress hormones. When secreted in excess, substances like adrenaline and cortisol could negate the ambitions of reproductive hormones. Exercise is vital to helping the body cope with stress. Physical activity is a productive outlet for alleviating tension and anxiety.

Contacting Us

Women experiencing fertility levels might choose to reexamine their physical fitness levels and, if said efforts are lacking, partake in more exercise. Individuals dealing with any type of fertility or other gynecological issue are encouraged to contact us. Our team of experienced doctors can perform a thorough examination, identify potential problems and organize the most appropriate treatment protocols. More information about our OBGYN practice in Surprise, AZ and the services we provide can be found by visiting https://premiercare4womenaz.com/.

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