How a Loss Doula Can Help You Through Your Pregnancy Loss

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A miscarriage is an emotional and traumatic time that can greatly affect any woman emotionally and physically. Apart from the enormous grief over the loss of a baby, it has physical impacts that may affect relationships. Unfortunately, many women don’t talk about miscarriages and are often left to deal with it on their own.

However, more and more people are now willing to share their pregnancy loss experiences. And, with loss doulas, you can now learn how to navigate through the miscarriage process, both mentally and physically.

Here is how a loss doula in Surprise, AZ can help you through pregnancy loss.

Emotional and physical support
A loss doula can be present and supportive after a pregnancy loss, especially if you don’t have a reliable support system. For instance, you may be a single mother, or you don’t have parents or siblings living nearby. Additionally, some women like to share their pregnancy news during the second trimester. So, if they were to miscarry in the first trimester, no one would know it to offer emotional support.

Coaching services
After a miscarriage, most women feel like it doesn’t count as a birth. And, that they need to sulk, lock themselves away, or even have another baby. But, it’s not recommended to try for another child immediately after a loss, and a loss doula can help you understand why.

Moreover, there are some things you’ll need to deal with, such as burial, if your child was stillborn, and milk production. Luckily, a loss doula can coach you through the experience of managing your milk supply and making decisions about your baby’s remains.

Provide care
A loss doula in Surprise, AZ, can provide caregiving services by visiting you and your partner after the loss of a baby. Whether you need the doula to make arrangements for your hospital visits, medical treatments, and grief groups, they are happy to help. A loss doula provides you with the perfect motivation and encouragement to push on, even when you don’t feel like it.

Hiring a loss doula for a miscarriage is the best decision you’ll ever make.

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