pregnancy exercises

Exercises That Are Often Good to Do While Pregnant

By : on : April 17, 2020 comments : (0)

Being pregnant doesn’t have to be an end to exercising. Even if you’re in your third trimester, you can still find ways to keep fit so that you can maintain good health while expecting your new bundle of joy. Before beginning any exercise program, it’s still important to consult with a doctor to ensure that […]

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Why Childbirth Education Classes Are Important For New Parents

By : on : April 9, 2020 comments : (0)

When you’re expecting your first child, it can be a time of mixed emotions. On the one hand, it’s a very exciting time filled with joy, but you may be uncertain about all of the important tasks you need to know about when it comes to caring for your infant or the childbirth experience. Whether […]

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Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

By : on : April 3, 2020 comments : (0)

For many women, low back pain is an uncomfortable side effect of pregnancy. If you’re suffering and looking for coping strategies, read on. There are practical steps you can take to minimize your back pain and deal with the discomfort. What Causes Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy? As your pregnancy progresses and your belly swells, […]

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self care

Easy Schedule Changes To Help Maintain Good Mental Health

By : on : March 27, 2020 comments : (0)

For most of us, life is pretty busy. We have so many responsibilities to handle with family, work, and home that we often forget to take care of our physical and mental well-being. Although we typically know what to do to improve our bodies, we don’t always know what benefits our mind. Here are activities […]

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birth control

Choosing the Right Contraception (Birth Control) for You

By : on : March 20, 2020 comments : (0)

Women have many choices now when it comes to controlling their reproduction. It can feel overwhelming at times with so many options available. There are many factors to consider when deciding on the right birth control method for you, and your OB/GYN in Surprise, AZ can answer any questions or concerns you may have. So […]

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