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5 Steps Towards Limiting Risk Of Pregnancy Complications

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Pregnancy is an exciting time. However, this natural phenomena places normal but significant strain on the expecting mother’s body and, if certain precautions are not taken, possible complications threatening the health of both mother and unborn child could develop.

Fortunately, however, Premier Care for Women, which serves the obstetric and gynecological needs of the residents of Surprise, Arizona and surrounding regions, suggests that expecting women might avoid these potential pitfalls by practicing the following tips:

Stay At A Healthy Weight

Weight is a critical factor in avoiding potential complications. Excess pounds put added strain on an already taxed body. Moreover, women who are overweight or become overweight as their pregnancy develops stand at an increased risk of developing serious, potentially life-threatening issues like diabetes or preeclampsia, which is an aggressive form of high blood pressure impacting pregnant subjects.

Attend All Scheduled Doctors Appointments

Granted, no one likes to frequent a doctor’s office. However, expecting mothers should never skip consultations with obstetricians or other gynecological specialists. It is important to remember that little problems can become significant issues in short order. Therefore, even subjects who feel well and are progressing smoothly should always attend scheduled appointments.

Consume A Nutritious Diet

Expecting individuals are strongly urged to consume a diet rich in healthy, nutrient-rich, low calorie foods like produce products, whole grains, lean meats and poultry. Items that should be avoided include processed, frozen or canned foods, products with high salt contents and weight-inducing edibles rife with significant calorie and fat contents.

Obtain Adequate Exercise

Pregnancy might limit one’s capacity to engage in strenuous exercise like weight training. However, light activity like walking is vital to helping the individual in question maintain a healthy weight, keep their muscles strong and promote proper blood flow. Expecting subjects are encouraged to consult with their doctors and tailor an fitness regiment most befitting of their needs.

Avoid Potentially Dangerous Vices

It is obvious that pregnant subjects should refrain from potentially harmful vices like cigarette smoking or alcohol consumption. That said, many physicians also recommend said individuals even monitor their intake of common over-the-counter drugs or consult with said medical professionals before ingesting these products.

Contacting Us

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